Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play will open the player to a world filled with various sweets and prizes. Its gameplay is unique, and cool features will take you away for a long time!

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sweet bonanza demo

Sweet Bonanza slot description

So, what exactly is Sweet Bonanza ? Why the game is so loved and is the top slot in all casinos among players around the world!

This is a 6 reel slot with 5 rows of sweets.

The more candies that land on the reel, the more you can enjoy the falling symbols. Get or buy the free spins feature for big multipliers and big wins!

In addition, the game has a payout system divided into groups, free spins and the possibility of a flip. Try delicious desserts flavored with bonuses and come back again!

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Sweet Bonanza Graphics

Sweet Bonanza is another amazing development from Pragmatic Play. Bright background, adaptive animation and perky melody will not let you feel sad.

Despite the beautiful graphics and animation, Sweet Bonanza loads instantly even with a weak Internet connection, does not freeze or crash. To immerse yourself in the world of Sweet Bonanza, you do not need to download it additionally, you only need a browser available on any device.

For players looking for an interesting and at the same time cute game, with a minimum variance, it will be just a discovery. Sweet Bonanza is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

sweet bonanza demo

Gameplay Sweet Bonanza

Depending on the color, groups with high pay and different prices are formed. Symbols can be red, purple, blue or green. For such combinations, from 150 to 5,000 coins are paid out. Low paying symbols include apple, plum, banana, grape, watermelon.

By making groups based on the number of identical candy symbols, you can win 25 - 1,000 coins. To start the game, you need to decide on a bet and make it. After that, you can start spinning the drum and excitedly waiting for the cherished bonuses. For each round, the bet range is from 0.20 to 125 coins.

Sweet Bonanza Odds Table

Symbol Pay
Bananas x2
Grape x4
Melon x5
Plum x8
Apple x8
blue candy x12
green candy x15
purple candy x25
Heart x50
Lollipop x100


Play Sweet Bonanza

pragmatic play sweet bonanza

Slot paylines

Unlike other similar slots with a classic payline system, Sweet Bonanza pays out in groups. To receive a payout, you need to collect a combination of at least 8 symbols.

Pay attention to such a symbol as "Scatter". Collecting 6 of these, the winnings will be 10,000 coins.

sweet bonanza xmas demo

Features of the Sweet Bonanza slot

In addition to the already addictive main game, Sweet Bonanza provides players with additional features that make this game even more exciting. These include "Scatter", free spins, and falling symbols. "Scatter" is a spiral-shaped candy and can appear on any reels. This symbol does not depend on the active line and brings up to 10,000 coins. For 4 collected Scatters, regardless of the place, the player receives free spins.

In addition, the function can be purchased by clicking the button on the left side of the screen. During free spins, the multiplier symbol becomes available to the player. It can increase winnings from 2x up to 100x. In addition, the function of falling symbols will be available to you. This means that when making a combination, the symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones every time. This happens until the first unsuccessful rotation.

And the icing on the cake is the choice of bet multiplier – 20x or 25x.

Play Sweet Bonanza

sweet bonanza slot

Sweet Bonanza Slot Symbols and Their Meaning

The final result is affected by the number of identical candy symbols, which you need to collect at least 8 pieces. As we said above, low paying symbols include banana, apple, plum, watermelon, grapes. A candy combination gives much more profit: blue can give up to 12 coins, green - up to 15, purple - up to 25, red - from 10 to 50.

The scatter symbol is a caramel on a stick. In just 4-6 such symbols, up to 100 coins are returned, and with a multiplier - up to 10,000. In addition, there is a red heart-shaped candy. It allows you to increase the bet by 40 times, provided that at least 12 such hearts are collected.

How to start playing Sweet Bonanza and get a bonus?

Loved by millions of players, the slot is present in many casinos in the world. One has only to choose the most convenient casino for your region. Bonuses and other loyalty programs await players everywhere. We recommend only reliable and profitable casinos! Just follow our link to get the maximum bonus on the game.


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Player feedback on the game Sweet Bonanza

Feedback from players confirms that the slot gives incredible winnings and emotions! Just try it and we are sure you will not regret it.

I learned about the slot from a friend who has been playing for many years. I also decided to try it, although I always considered slot machines a scam and extortion of money in which you cannot win. I started with the minimum bets, then I understood the principle of the game, decided to increase the amount and won the 4th time. Really surprised. Withdrawed funds without problems, I still play sometimes.

Nicholas S sweet bonanza

Nicholas S


It got boring at the university, I came across an advertisement for this car. I thought to try. I thought I was just distracted, testing, I didn’t count it as income. It turned out that it really works. At first I lost, and then I got my hands on the demo. A few months later I started saving for a car. I'm glad I accidentally stumbled upon this particular slot)).

Samantha sweet bonanza



I have long wanted to get into a real casino, but it does not fit into the plans: sometimes there is no time, then there is money for a trip. Decided to start with slots. I heard that this is a game with minimal risk and the ability to make small bets. I just lost my first deposit because I didn't stop in time. After that, I took a break, played without real deposits and learned to "slow down" in time. I have been playing steadily for the last year, already for money. I have won large sums several times and am generally satisfied.

Jonny sweet bonanza


25x, 90x

I will write an honest review. I threw 5000 rubles into the game; I immediately lowered 3 because of the high stakes. Then I bet smaller amounts and got 7000. In general, I'm in a small plus. As long as I keep trying my luck. I wonder now what is the maximum amount I can win).

JackJack sweet bonanza



I started playing for fun. A friend advised me. He managed to break a good amount. Fortune does not really smile at me, but I still wanted to try something like that. As a result, I won more than 15,000 rubles. Normally so, appreciated). The main thing that I understood is that you should not take out and increase the bet if you are not at all lucky. Rested, rested and again trying to catch luck by the tail. Separately, I would like to thank technical support for their help with checking and withdrawing funds.

LORDY sweet bonanza



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FAQ Sweet Bonanza

Answers to players' questions about the slot

  • The minimum percentage of payments to the player is 91.15%, and the maximum is 96.48%. Details can be found on the website.

  • The game boasts 2 bonus games as well as a multiplier feature.

  • The maximum win is up to 20,000 times the bet or €500,000.

  • Oh sure. The game is available on all devices: computer, tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS, Windows or MacOS. The main thing is the presence of a browser and the Internet.

  • Especially for you, we have prepared a list of verified casinos, where, in addition to all the advantages, a welcome bonus is also available, which contributes to the start of the game on a good note.

  • Undoubtedly! The game has a free demo mode, which is no different from the usual one, helping to quickly get into the game and start winning.

  • Free spins can be obtained in each round randomly, relying on Fortune. It is also possible to buy them for 100 times the bet.

  • The maximum number of coin wins is 20,000 and the maximum win is $10,000.

Highlights of Sweet Bonanza

Great highlights of Sweet Bonanza - just look at this bright emotional game! Play Sweet Bonanza and hit the jackpot.

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sweet bonanza demo


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